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Restaurant & Bar Management Consultancy Services helps restaurants, restaurant chains, hotels & hotel chains, food courts, pub and bar owners of new projects or existing operational units to find the right concepts and focused strategies using the latest information and analysis in the Hospitality trade.

The new entrants to the Hospitality Industry will learn the tricks of the trade that normally are learned through years of enrollment in the University of Falls and Knocks.”  Restrobar Consultancy Services will significantly shorten the entrants’ learning curve by covering all areas of the restaurant business such as Human Resources, Strategy, Analysis & Planning, Kitchen Design and Equipment, Menu Analysis and Engineering, Marketing, Procurement, Franchising and much more.


Restaurant Consultancy & Management Services are Consultants of repute working from New Delhi India, but having clients of repute all over India. We are associated with successful Consultancy projects that are located across the whole cross section of the Restaurant, Bar and Hotel business not only because we are enthusiastically professional with a positive bent of mind, but also because we have an excellent efficient and highly motivated team.

Hotels, Resorts Hotel Chains, Amusement Parks can also avail the diverse services of Restaurant & Bar Management Consultancy Services in almost all areas of the Restaurant business in addition to the specific and specialized functions of Hotels, Resorts , Inns, Guest House, Hostels etc. such as Front Office, House Keeping, Room Service, Laundry, Banquetting, Club Services etc.

Support is provided from the Concept Stage to the opening and further to run the unit eficiently and successfully.

Franchising Projects

We offer complete consultancy services in Franchising that are custom made for all types and sizes of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and cafes as well as restaurant and hotel chains that are established businesses or startups.


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