About The Company


Restaurant Consultancy and Management Services is a seasoned group of hotel, restaurant & bar consultants, who have successfully opened and managed more than 100 restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts nationwide.

Established in 2002, the company has established expert specialization in the hospitality business, offering many years of experience to restaurants, bars and lounges, hotels, resorts and food chains. From running a publicly traded restaurant company to starting and growing regional chains, the company has proven hands-on experience tackling the challenges of running profitable operations.
Restaurant Consultancy & Management Services helps restaurant, restaurant chain, pub and bar owners, hotels and resorts whether they are new projects or existing operational units; to find the right concepts and focused strategies using the latest information and analysis in the Hospitality trade. For established units wanting to grow through franchising RCMS offers complete services from developing the concept to running the enterprise efficiently and profitably.


The Director

The Company is headed by Tarun Mongia who is a true restaurateur having worked in various positions in the trade with a track record of success. He has the experience and commitment to create that environment in a Restaurant that can be translated into profit.

The Hospitality Industry has been steeped into the conscience of Tarun Mongia as he has spent the better part of more than two and a half decades in this field. From the various F& B outlets of the Centaur group where he honed his skills in the numerous aspects of restaurant and food store management, he worked his way up and managed top of the line restaurants like Zen. Then came Rodeo where he worked from the concept stage to implementation, internalizing and imbibing the process of the birth of a successful restaurant. Establishing a successful restaurant has become a habit with Tarun, with Pebble Street and Ruby Tuesday following Rodeo.
Now, his successful Consultancy projects are located across the whole cross section of the Restaurant business because he is an enthusiastic professional with an efficient team.

Tarun Mongia
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