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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Projects have you done?

 All kinds of restaurants, fast-food joints, bars, pubs and lounges, food courts, hotels, resorts and franchise projects from development of concept and analysis to implementation and everything that goes in between. We take turnkey projects or help wherever our expertise is needed.

How are your Projects priced?

Since each project has its own unique requirements and time frame, costs will be assessed after understanding these. Cost of the project will be carefully worked out and discussed. The scope of the project and the extent of our involvement determine the professional fees. Our clients are of all sizes, from big corporates to small independent unit holders and we work with the same involvement and enthusiasm in all our projects.

How many people do you assign yo project teams?

A Project Lead is vested with the primary responsibility for managing a project and the client relationship. The Project Lead for each consulting project is selected based on a client’s particular needs. This Project Lead along with an Internal Lead from within the client’s organization meets to discuss specific concerns. We spend time and effort in gaining an understanding of an organization along with its needs before we recommend what and how we can assist in meeting these goals. The Project Lead plans the work program, leads and assigns the team and resources to ensure that the project is on track and running smoothly. The Lead is responsible for successful completion of the project map. He or she will be the primary contact during the course of the project.

Do you offer consultancy over the phone?

Our services may be tailored in any way that is most comfortable to our clients.
Telephone consulting is readily available and subsequently managed via email and weekly action plans. Should the need arise for more hand-on assistance, we can readily change the arrangement.

Do you manage operations?

Systems to control inventory by using software or forms and formats are important tools that can be implemented through  training Yes. Restrobar Consultancy Services is expert in managing operations. We specialize in supervising, directing and controlling management and operations for restaurants across India.

What kind of expertise does your team possess?

Our team of professionals consists of individuals who have been leaders and have a sustained level of success throughout their careers. All our professionals are considered  experts in their field of practice. Our team leads and assists our clients in developing practical strategies focused on helping them achieve their business objectives.

What is your consultancy philosophy?

We believe that effective goal setting, praising, reprimanding and saying sorry are great team builders. When used properly these principles will ensure that the whole team is singing the same song!
Once we sign the contract with you, we utilize best business practices from the onset of our engagement. We set goals with clear performance standards and expectations. key areas of responsibilities so that the team knows what they will be accountable for and what performance is expected.

Through out every stage of the project we stay in close contact with you so that at we are in it together to see that everything goes smoothly as per schedule.