Scope of Services for Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Fast Food Joints,Industrial Kitchens

Food Service Facility Planning

The most important part of a restaurant could be the dining area but the heart of the restaurant or any commercial food service faciltyis the kitchen. Much depends on the technical skill and planning that has gone into creating these vital areas:

Kitchen Layout and Designing:

Expert advice on the correct Kitchen Layout Design and Planning will not only increase the efficiency of the workers but will also save  space, power and fuel.

Equipment Selection:

This is one of the most important factors that goes into the smooth running of the restaurant. We help you to make the right  Equipment Selection from the best and most reliable suppliers and ensure that you get the ideal equipment at the best price.

Airflow Management:

This highly technical factor ensures that the kitchen area does not get heated up and the kitchen smells do not seep into the  dining area.

HLP Planning:

Heat, Light and Power has to be accurately planned and calculated to ensure optimum usage and availability.

Water & Drainage:

Another important factor that requires technical planning and is regulated by legal norms.

Storage & Production:

The importance of careful planning of this area hardly needs to be emphasized!

Health Code Compliance and Operational Audits:

This is absolutely necessary to meet standards as dictated by the law and to ensure safety of guests and economy of operations.!

F&B Concept

The first thing we can assist you with is the concept and schematic design for your restaurant. You may already have an idea of what you'd like to do, but we can help you make your concept unique, giving it the edge to compete in this marketplace. The food and beverage development process includes more than just item and menu creation. The process must also include hiring standards for key kitchen personnel, written operating manuals, and staff training. It is the concept that drives your kitchen design and equipment selection. Hence this is an important facet of restaurant planning that needs careful and meticulous planning.

Cuisine Selection:

We will help you with the concept, viability and planning in this area.

Menu Development:

Your menu is the face of your business. The foods and beverages in the menu are the very core of your restaurant business and are critical in determining your success or failure.
When it comes to what you'll serve, you'll need to develop a food and beverages concept that is consistent with your overall restaurant theme. You then need to develop menu categories and items, determine pricing, and create and test various recipes.
Once finalized, the menu has to be tested and graduated to give optimu returns.

Raw Material Sourcing:

This follows the selection of cuisine and menu planning. Our experience in this field will help you to find the right sources.  Equipment Selection from the best and most reliable suppliers and ensure that you get the ideal equipment at the best price.

Kitchen Small Ware Planning:

An important factor to increase efficiency.

Bar Menu & Sourcing:

The Bar is the most profitable areas of the restaurant business and the bar menu has to carefully planned and developed to  ensure the success of the resaturant. We also help you with this very important area of Bar raw material sourcing.

Manpower Planning & Staffing

Organizing Structure:

A well planned organizational structure gives better efficiency andcontrol. Hiring also becomes much easier.

Job Description & Specification:

A well defined job description gives better control

S W B Projection:

Salary, wages and benefits of staff should be well defined and planned to get the best out of the staff hired.

Sourcing & hiring of Staff & Executives:

This is a very important area where we can help you.

Scope of Services for Hotels & Resorts

Front Office:

The management of this important "Face" of the Hotel or Resort plays an important part in the success of the Property.Professional guidance is necessary to achieve this goal.

Room Service:

An efficient Room Service not only keeps the guest happy but also is a very good revenue earning center. Professional help in this area is of utmost importance..

House Keeping:

This is a very important area where we can help you.


This is an area that needs professional guidance for its planning, implementation and upkeep. A properly managed Hotel Laundry can pay rich dividentds!.

Club Services:

A loyalty building .and revenue center that can bring good profits if handled with care and guidance.


Facility planning, designing and implementation and further advice in management will be an area that we can help you.

Staff Training:

Specialized training of staff is an area that we can help you.